Intellog Inc.

We turn our customers’ business objectives into technological action with Applied Research & Development, Products and Custom Solutions that create value and satisfaction for their users.

Applied R&D

We collaborate with leading academic institutions to create commercial offerings from exciting new technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders. We play a valuable, independent role where we balance academic and commercial interests, and maintain a clear vision of the project objectives. We are mindful of the different motivations of the respective parties and look after the many technical, organization, financial and marketing details which inevitably arise out of these complex, long term projects.


Our Products address the requirements of well-defined markets for which we have a passion and a clear understanding. Our strategy is to start with a precise, tangible vision of the problem to be solved, and then work towards the simplest possible technological solution. We use Agile methods, Open Source software and the Cloud; this ensures our products are continually being improved, they are cost effective and can be deployed by our customers with a minimum of time and effort.

Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions reflect our customers' vision for a unique solution to a problem. Our use of Agile methods, and in particular, iterative development, allows us to develop, test, deploy and then review the the results in as little as two weeks. We then, if necessary, continue iterating until such time that the customer determines the solution is complete. Throughout the project the customer can monitor and evaluate progress.